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The Hub intelligent control panel is a key element of the Ajax security system. The device monitors operation of all Ajax detectors and immediately sends an alarm signal to the...
R 2,917.00

Hub Plus

Second-generation intelligent control panel with four communication channels, a new powerful processor, tripled RAM capacity and doubled flash memory capacity. The Hub Plus monitors the operation of all Ajax detectors...
R 5,942.00

Hub 2

Manages the security system with visual alarm verifications Transmits photos from MotionCam detectors Automatically notifies the alarm response company Full system control in one app Communicates via 3 independent channels...
R 4,105.00

Hub 2 Plus

Always in touch — via cables, Wi-Fi, LTE Communication with the outer world is critical for alarm control panels. Its reliability guarantees prompt delivery of alarm signals to Alarm Receiving...
R 7,022.00